Hi! My name is

Yash Aryan.

I am a full-stack developer from India

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About me

Here’s my story about why and how I am, what I am!

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I have had love for cars for as long as I remember. I have always been crazy about Sports and Muscles cars. I was classic Top Gear and The Grand Tour fan. I used to sketch cars as a teenager in my free time, and was (still is) a big fan of shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour. This interest was what made me choose my majors as Automotive Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology in 2018.

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I was sixteen when I first got interested in coding after I took a course on the C++ programming langauge in high school. Although I got interested in coding a bit late, my passion for computers have always been prevalent, but untouched. I was around ten when I first got my hands on a computer, a really old one, and since then, my experiments with computers have been endless.

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In my junior year at the university, I got my wings and I was ready to explore uncharted waters. I joined a lot of student clubs, left a lot within weeks of joining, made a lot of friends and somehow got interesed in developing for the web. This is where my passion for cars declined and I got interested in making websites and other web related programs, and that’s how I joined the tech universe.

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I took up my first project where my task was to assist making a website for scheduling doctor appointments. This got me interested in WebDev which led me to take up many more projects. As I got drawn more into Web Development, I started looking for what was going on in the world. I discovered that JavaScript was the complete solution for WebDev with NodeJS and ReactJS in the picture. I started learning NodeJS, which took me considerable time to learn because of my inexperience in the backend development.

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I got duped into free work by a person, and that was a learning point for me. I started learning ReactJS to make it easier for making complex WebApps. The covid was my biggest helpline. I had so much time on my hand that I kept on learning more and more. I looked into server side rendering and static site generation. I kept learning libraries after libraries, using them in multiple projects. I was progressing faster in learning and finishing projects.

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I started a test server at my university for under developent projects by converting an old CPU and installing Ubuntu Server on it. I did numerous rounds at the IT department to acquire a static public IP address. This was the first time I was learning about static IPs and how a system on the internet can be accessed by anyone and anywhere in the world through a static IP. I got more curious. I started learning about port forwading, proxies and reverse proxies, DNS, VPNs and various ports used other than 80 and 443. I learned how to install certificates for a website and how to deploy websites. During the summer break, I took up an internship at nonceblox Private Limited. This was my first official experience as a Web developer. THis company was working on blockchain, and I was already exploring blockchain because of an upcoming project at my university. I earned for the first time and I was doing it all while learing. I worked with Web3 and it got me fascinated. I started an all out invasion on the blockchain resources. Meanwhile, I had to learn TypeScript and Git while doing my internship to keep up, along with various libraries like GatsbyJS and NestJS.


I am a self-taught person. From learning to drive a car on my own to making fullstack web-apps, I have taught myself everything by observing others doing it, with occasional guidance from an experienced person. Youtube, Coursera, Udemy, EdX, Linkedin Learning, Stackoverflow and Reddit have been my greatest teachers and I believe in an open-learning world.

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My Skills

UI/UX Designs

UI/UX Designs

I can make interface designs that are meaningful, appealing and accessible.

Web Development

Web Development

I have made a handful of websites for student organizations in my university.



I can write automation scripts in JavaScript as well as Python

Server Management

Server Management

I have a little experiene managing a server at my university for the purpose of prototyping.

Tools and Technologies

UI/UX Designs



Invision Studio

Web Dev











Web Styling





Ant Design

Tailwind CSS

Programming Languages












Server Management

Ubuntu Server






Digital Ocean

Cloud Instruments

Azure ARM



AWS Cloudwatch

AWS CloudTrail

AWS Lambda




Autodesk AutoCAD


I learn best by practical applications. Here are the both formal, as well as informal experiences that have taught me what I know today.

Formal Experience

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Alyssum Global Services

February 2022 - present

DevOps Engineer(Intern)

Alyssum Global Services is an application development, big data, machine learning, cloud computing, DevOps, Cybersecurity consulting organisation.

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Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore

October 2021 - present

Full stack Developer(Trainee)

Working on an Open-source project

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Nonceblox Private Limited

July 2021 - September 2021

Front-End Developer(Intern)

My work included communicating with clients on design discrepancies, reporting progress to the project manager, creating and debugging web applications as per the designs by the client, developing backend to support the requirements of the application and making Web3 integrations to the web app crypto wallets using Web3.js and Crypto Wallets like MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet

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The ChillSpace

September 2020 - November 2020

Front-End Developer(Freelancer)

I was involved with a team of students from the Manipal Institute of Technology who worked on the ‘Hourglass Portal’ for the Recreation Center, which was designed as a user management portal cum reward system. My work was to reproduce the web pages from UI designs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Ioncure Tech Pvt. Ltd.

May 2020 - August 2020

Web Designer and Developer(Intern)

I designed and developed a website for the company's Solve@Pandemic 2020 project using NodeJS on the server-side and EJS as the templating language.

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Innovation Center, Manipal

January 2019 - present

Web developer and System Administrator(Intern)

Helped in various WebDev projects, ideation process, conducting Hackathons, and managing servers for test projects.

Informal Experience

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November 2021 - present

Binance Campus BUIDLer(Volunteer)

Representative of the Binance Campus BUIDLer program, which is a program to help students build crypto skills and get introduced to the Binance ecosystem.

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Codecademy Community

August 2021 - present

Chapter leader(Volunteer)

Organizing events and share knowledge with the Codecademy community in Manipal Institute of Technology, working on projects together and helping out fellow community members in understanding concepts.

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SOCIIO ichor

August 2021 - November 2021

UI Designer(Volunteer)

My tasks included understand the project and make recommendations to functionality, making apt UI designs for the project and helping with the hosting of the web application on AWS

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Manipal Information Security Team

July 2020 - June 2021

Head of Web Development(Volunteer)

Maintaining and updating the website of the club and also taking care of various hosting needs for the organized events. Imparting knowledge to other members of the club through webinars/meetups

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Manipal Information Security Team

August 2019 - July 2020

Management Committee Member(Volunteer)

Managing the freshers and conducting events and workshops. Re-design and develop the website for the club, social media campaign for the club imparting knowledge to other members of the club through webinars / meetups

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Manipal Information Security Team

September 2018 - August 2019

Working Committee Member(Volunteer)

Provided support in hosting and managing events for the senior members and actively take part in community events

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TechTatva, MIT Manipal

October 2020

Category Head(Volunteer)

One of the three Category Heads for Manipal Institute of Technology's tech-fest TechTatva'20, Turing, a CyberSec related category. Responsibilities included overseeing Ctrl+C event, a WebDev event where the participants were challenged to create a rigged website replicating the one provided to them and extract data from the account upon successful login, oversee the event and act immediately in case of server crashes, or other discrepancies and responsible for maintaining the deployment of the other events under this category on the server.

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TechTatva, MIT Manipal

October 2020

Event Head(Volunteer)

Event Head for Manipal Institute of Technology's tech-fest TechTatva'20, for Turing, a CyberSec-related category. Responsibilitie included overseeing the Ctrl+C event, a WebDev event where the participants had to create a rigged website replicating the one provided to them and extract data from the account upon successful login.

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TechTatva, MIT Manipal

October 19

Event Organizer(Volunteer)

Assigned with the task of creating web vulnerability questions for the CTF event and responsible for deployment of a part of the questions

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TechTatva, MIT Manipal

October 18

Student Volunteer(Volunteer)

Part of the System Admin and Web Development team for managing the website of the tech-fest of Manipal Institute of Technology

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